The Focusing Email

You know how some clients propose their own solutions without even talking about the problems they’re wanting to solve? This email will help you refocus the conversation on the only thing that matters: the client’s problem. Read more

No More (Third-Party) Recruiters

We are all familiar with third-party recruiters. You may have used them to find a job, and many of you have probably used them to source candidates. Third-party recruiters (both individual and agencies) serve a very needed function in the tech world: finding candidates for you. They differ from in-house… Read more

Building An Engineering Interview Process

Creating an interview process can be tough. An effective interview process is a series of hard tradeoffs. On the one hand, you want to figure out how well a candidate will into your team and their ability to the do the job. On the other, the candidate wants to know… Read more

How To Recruit Senior Engineers

One of the biggest challenges in our industry is how to hire more senior engineers. It’s a big challenge in a fallow market and perhaps counter-intuitively, even tougher in a strong and competitive market (eg, San Francisco, New York City, London). But the good news is that it’s not impossible–it… Read more

That Time I Interviewed With 22 People AT ONCE

Some years ago, I interviewed for a position and was invited to the on-site. My recruiter walked me to the conference room where two people were waiting. After exchanging greetings, one of my interviewers says, “We’re still waiting on a few more people, they’ll be here soon.” Another person walked… Read more

Interviewing someone when you don’t know anything about their role

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a position of having to hire someone for a role you know little-to-nothing about. Perhaps the most common occurrence of this is when engineering managers have to hire their first DevOps Engineer. Hiring for a role you don’t know personally know about can… Read more

Interview processes in a small team

Hiring for a small team can be tough when there aren’t enough of you on the team to do what’s usually thought of as a standard interview. The main reason why you involve so many people in interviewing a single candidate is because you want as many perspectives as possible.… Read more

How to hire for highly specialized roles

This depends on what your situation is. Do you need someone who can immediately begin teaching your team how to improve at the speciality, or do you need someone who will take the share in the work with the rest of the team? In the first, what you’re looking for… Read more

When interviewing engineers, how deep should you assess their technical chops?

Probably not as deep as you’d think. Many companies will spend the majority of an interview drilling in deep on a candidate’s technical ability, and spend comparatively little time assessing their interpersonal skills, which are arguably more important than the technical skills (especially at the senior IC level). You can… Read more

What’s the difference in interviewing a contractor vs FTE?

There is, but that not big of a difference. Let’s make a distinction first. There are really two situations in which you hire contractors: staff augmentation and expert help. With staff augmentation, you’re hiring a contractor because you just need more hands. Your contractors probably a look a lot like… Read more

How I interview engineering candidates

“What the hell do I ask the candidate?” Probably the most common and immediate problem that engineers have when they start interviewing candidates is, “What the hell do I ask them?” I’ve read innumerable books, talked to dozens of hiring managers/recruiters/fellow engineers, and tested a whole bunch of my own… Read more

Four Mistakes You’re Making With Your Meetup

I ran a large professional meetup group for two and a half years, with attendance consistently over 30—sometimes over 50 people–with regular meetings every month. Through the success of my group, I’ve had the opportunity to coach others on their groups, and of course, attend many meetups on a variety… Read more